Who we are?



Riccardo was born in Venice in 1946 and grew up near the coast of Italy. He studied physics first in Italy and then in Essex, UK when he did his second University degree.

Since being a boy and having a grandfather who was a trance medium, he has always had a fascination for the paranormal whilst having his feet firmly on the ground with his scientific background.

Ric has been and still is a seeker of information also wishing to understand and…

…explore other dimensions. His psychic abilities really opened up following the Reiki training with Tina Lee-Ure, which he began in 2000.

He and Tina have worked as a team with animal healing and now spirit release. Ric is now the main psychic channel in spiritsrfree and has an exceptional record of accuracy and intuition. Ric’s aim is to research more and bring the paranormal into a more scientific backcloth and therefore more widely accepted in conventional fields. He invents and designs electronic equipment used in acupuncture fields and you can see one of his designs which has an established use in drug and alcohol addiction on the website of Harmony Medical. He is currently working on a simple device which is to improve sleep. Sessions on this machine are available at the Hythe, Kent practice and Ric is also available as a Reiki practitioner for private sessions. He is trained to Master III level. He has a passion for animals, books, research into the paranormal, healing and other related subjects together with a healthy interest in food and travel. When working as a channel for entities and aspects from the paranormal, being visual in nature, he has been drawn to record some of his experiences and to put brush to paper and paint these entities. His paintings are most interesting.

Tina has background in business studies from which she went into the entertainment business as a DJ compere working throughout Britain in the late 1970’s. She then had her own driving school for 8 years.

A serious car accident, which was a precursor to a life threatening illness, changed the path of her life and Tina has since had no option but to follow the path she is on. At first this was rather reluctantly but now it is with passion and love.

Her interest in therapy began many years previously however when she worked in a prison in 1975 and did voluntary work with the Probation Service.

Working intuitively with animals and particularly damaged horses, was Tina’s introduction to energy work and she wholeheartedly thanks her teacher, Monty Roberts for opening this door for her. As a graduate of Dr. Roger Woolger’s Deep Memory Process, a Reiki Master and having trained in Birth and Trauma work using the EM™ method it seemed a natural progression to add spirit release to the repertoire. Tina has also since trained with the Centre of Stress Management in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and holds a Certificate in Stress Management and Cognitive Therapy. She enjoys the outdoor life, loves world-wide travel and likes growing her own vegetables, especially as cooking is another interest. Tina has her own site www.tinaleeure.com She holds a Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with the Centre for Stress Management and is working towards the qualification of Certificate in Cognitive and Behavioural Counselling and Psychotherapy. The training includes Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and, at the time of writing, is on-going as she is in supervision.

How we work with you

We work in two ways:- either working with you remotely or a one-to-one service and (of course) back up counseling where required.


Working remotely allows us to reach more people in a wider area and allows us to be an International service. It allows us to work much faster and more efficiently with you than we would possibly be able to during a ‘live’ session. We have initially absolutely no idea who or what type of attachment is going to be with you or around you. It is often very far removed from the client’s own conscious perception which is why it can be a good idea to work without the client present, particularly for the initial scan. Difficult as it is for some to comprehend who are new to this concept, Ric is able to locate and view you and your energy field from our place of work in Kent, England. We carry out this procedure in a thorough, practiced and practical way, obtaining first the consent of your higher-self (some people call this your inner wisdom but use the description which suits you best) to interact with you and any attachments you may have. Following this connection, Tina is then able to converse with whoever or what ever is present, or around the person without the person’s conscious mind ‘getting in the way’. Therefore an open conversation can and does occur and the person’s own belief system, fears and concepts do not interfere with the process. It’s a bit like getting out of your own way and by-passing your conscious mind, which is generally difficult for most of us who are in our thinking brain. This work is always carried out with compassion, respect and proper consideration for all parties. We believe that every person, soul or energetic form deserves to be treated with care and helped towards a resolution.


For those of you who prefer to work one-to-one we offer sessions in Hythe in Kent; for those who are unable to travel or unwilling to do so there is telephone counselling following the scan. Many clients travel from other countries and Tina is able to work in generous blocks of session time to make the journey worthwhile.


We aim to assist you by restoring your quality of life as quickly, efficiently and as cost effectively as we possibly can. By giving you 100% of our efforts we will do everything we possibly can to achieve the best results for you. By letting us carry out both the initial scan and the follow-up, we find that the best and most lasting outcomes are achieved. We get to do our job well and that means that we check, check and check again. We can help you identify areas that you can work on in future too. We help you understand afterwards why you have been challenged this way, what steps you can take to prevent re-attachment and what action is most likely to benefit you both short-term and long-term. This information will be taken from our experience and from the indications we receive during the clearing process from your own higher self, sometimes called our inner wisdom. We help you, possibly with a short counselling session, adjust to the changes that may result from the removal of a long- term attachment.

We assist in empowering you to accept yourself and life, to become more self-aware and thus increase your levels of happiness. You can go as far as you like with our services.