I have known Tina from around for a long time and always loved her feisty humour and bright challenging take on life. I had been diagnosed with a hernia by my GP and advised that a small surgical procedure would be required. Whilst waiting for an appointment to see a surgeon I had Tina have a wee look to see what was going on which led to a spirit release. Two weeks later I was advised by the surgeon that there was no hernia and that I did not need the operation. This stuff works!

Alastair Hudson (former Glaswegian cynic) 2007

Dear Tina
I cannot thank you enough! I knew something was going on in his house and I’m very grateful it has been released. Thank you again, will be in touch again soon, Kindest Regards

R. London

Tina did a wonderful job last week.
It seems my flat is built over a big pit from 600 years ago which had a lot of bodies thrown into it without proper burials, apparently they were all still arguing and fighting. I also had an unsavoury reptilian energy removed and a previous occupant. I am still in recovery, but Myrtle (my dog) is completely back to her old self and cheekier than ever.

Susan, Glasgow

Hi Tina!!
Thank you so much for everything this year – you really have made such a difference and have helped me to feel great about everything again!! Keep working your magic…..

A. London

Hi Tina,
Well, I just thought I’d give you an update on this sunny bit of Kent. My place is feeling great. Harmony seems to reign supreme at the moment. My eldest daughter has really opened up to me. My energy levels are much better and I find I can accomplish a lot. So, thanks again.

A. from Kent

Dear Tina
My scan was uncannily true. Thanks again. Your work saved my sisters life last year.

E. from Yorkshire

Thank you.
I was very impressed and pleased with the ‘treatment’ and all its effects. Even my skeptical partner was impressed about what I told him. Even though I did not tell him everything. I felt and still feel free, clear, more natural and happier; life seems to be simpler. Dealings with people are easier and more relaxed. There is also a bit more clarity about work goals.

H. London

Hi all.
Thank you. The property does feel different – clean and fresh! Thank you.

S. London

Dear Tina
Things are good – you weren’t joking when you said the last session was a big one! The biggest changes have been in me and in my sister, but I saw an impact on my mother and my grandmother too. It’s amazing – liberating in a peaceful way. I think its something I’ve been subconsciously aiming at for a long time. I’m very grateful for your help and for the opportunity to work with you. Thanks again

J. Warwickshire

Thank you for your help with Bee.
She is very happy and her bad skin patches are healing well. There was a temporary lapse when she scratched a really nasty place on her cheek which had 99% healed and it was bleeding and sore, but it healed up straight away and now is just a scab. She is more affectionate and doesn’t seem to want to sleep all the time so fingers crossed.

Spoke to Anna today and she felt that the atmosphere lightened on Friday! She was happy with the report.

It was great meeting and working with you yesterday – it was very powerful stuff – I’ve been waiting a long time to get to this point. So I’m relieved to think that I might actually be able to make these changes – changes that will be permanent and are not plasters or cover-ups, if you know what I mean. Much love and appreciation

C. from Tunbridge

Tina thank you.
Because of your work my brother was not sectioned for his own safety last week. By the evening of the next day after you worked, he was completely his old self and all the irrational behaviour and craziness left. It was a miracle.

A grateful family, Edgeware.