Spirit Release For Animals


Animals are subject to attachment just like us.

Clearing our Animal Friends of spirits – available


Note: If any of you have a passion for equines a lovely book to read is Mark Rashid’s ‘Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse’.

Animals love us and they take our pain
and will also carry our attachments when they can.

Elementals seem to like ‘playing’ with our cats and dogs and do – mostly unwittingly – cause distress and sometimes illness.

Animals are also affected adversely by hauntings on land and in houses. We have worked with many such cases and in the Testimonials section there are but a few comments from grateful owners.

Both Tina and Riccardo are experienced animal healers and have a close bond with our four legged friends. Tina and Ric have chickens, a dog and cats. They are always delighted to hear from pet owners.