Signs and Symptoms of Attachment


How can I tell if I am affected by spirit attachment?

• Feeling tired and depleted of energy
• Suffering mood swings and/or impulsive behaviour
• Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness or emotion
• Hearing inner voices
• A feeling that ‘this isn’t me’
• Do you ever wonder – did I/they say & do that?
• Problems with addictions
• Poor memory, concentration or confusion
• Has there been a sudden onset of anxiety or depression?
• Has there been a sudden onset of physical problems or pain with no obvious cause?
• Unexplained fears, phobias or panic attacks
• Worrying or disturbing nightmares
• Are you reacting to this list with emotions that surprise you?
• Do you have feelings of being watched or experience unexplained sensations – a smell perhaps, a distortion of space?
• Do you have feelings of uneasiness, cold areas in your home or a sense of another presence when nobody else is around?
• Is there a feeling of depression around you that just doesn’t make sense?


You may notice in other people a sense that someone you know just hasn’t been the same since that accident, since losing a loved one, since moving house – anything involving change whether enforced or chosen. These are all factors to consider.

Note: Many of these symptoms can also indicate medical problems so always consult your doctor. We often deal with people who have symptoms that are inexplicable and have no discernible physiological cause.