can and it does and there is much evidence to support this statement. Please look at a sample of our many testimonials and referrals. Please also look at other references in the links pages.

Yes, most certainly. They have less defence than we do as their energy fields don’t form fully until they are aged 7. (see Hands of Light – Dr. Brennan)

Yes they can and do. However, our scanners are used to these tricks and one of the reasons we recommend a second scan is just because of these possibilities. We like to be thorough.

Spirits we dialogue with often report that the person they join feels ‘just like me’ so there can be a resonance. They also tell of people who feel ‘nice’ and ‘she or he looks like a comfy place to stay’.

There can be many ways to pick up spirits and certain places are hot spots. Hospitals will always have a number of lost souls that are looking for a way out and if you are in hospital for surgery, anaesthesia can make you more vulnerable. Pubs can also hold the souls of people who liked a good drink and will be drawn to people with a similar tendency.

Another reason why pubs are full of spirits is that in the old days an injured person was taken in to rest and could die there. Stations, bus depots and airports can also hold spirits that are ‘trying to get home’.

When we are in a trauma, where our energy field is down through shock either physical or psychological, when we are ill, depressed, tired etc. we can be susceptible. Conversely being very happy and floating off can cause a soul to hop in. Mostly spirit attachment happens when we are ‘down’.

Other key times when we are susceptible are around puberty or any time where we are stressed.

Other therapies may have failed because they do not address the right issue or origin of the problem. It may also be because there is a spirit present making sure that nothing works! If we find that you are clear there is only a nominal charge for checking you. So far, we have only ever had two people without spirit attachment approach us – we were able to guide them in the appropriate direction. ‘however, you will still have to take responsibility for your own situation and this may mean some form of acceptance, cognitive therapy or medical assistance and involve an active change in behaviour’.

Unbelievably to a lot of people, we are able to locate you and examine you from our place of work, with the consent of your higher self (some people call this our soul self but use the description which suits you best). We are able to converse with whoever or whatever is present without the person’s conscious mind ‘getting in the way’.

Therefore an open conversation can occur and the person’s own belief system, fears and concepts do not interfere with the process. It’s a bit like getting out of your own way, which is difficult sometimes for most of us.

Yes, it is a good idea. If we are working with an individual within a family, often other family members are affected. What we do in these circumstances is give a reduction in price for more than two family members.

However, we charge only a nominal sum for checking other members and if we find that they are clear, there is no further money to pay.

This totally depends upon what kind of attachment you have had and how long you have been experiencing your symptoms for.

Some attachments when released, for example thought forms and some earthbound spirits, will result in your feeling immediately better and your life will change instantly. We have had many cases like this.

In some other cases it takes longer to feel the effects of the release but we are generally given some indication of the recovery period during the scan and will report these findings to you.

Sometimes you may need to talk this through in a counseling session with Tina or somebody else suitable. At other times you may need a further session and again, we are usually able to advise you on this.

Very occasionally you may feel worse after a scan – this can be because we have been able to lift one layer and have uncovered the next, which is of a heavier nature. This would be a temporary condition only and another reason for having the follow up scan and keeping in touch.

Whatever the outcome of your scan, there will be an opportunity to consider your next step in a short discussion with Tina by email or telephone. This is included in your fee.

We recommend two. Sometimes one does it but mostly we advise that you are scanned twice at the interval recommended during the first scan.

You get your initial consultation – usually by email where you give your details; your scan (we normally spend up to an hour with two people working), your emailed or written report and a short talk through if required. So in total the scan takes us around two hours.

When you are healthy, happy and well rested your energy field is strong and tends to be impenetrable. However, during our lives, all sorts of issues come along and can be triggers to memories that can attract attachment, particularly if the memories have strong emotion.

It is therefore important to become aware of times when we feel different or uncomfortable, particularly in our thinking or body, and to be alert for any changes. Some people are more sensitive than others. Getting help early is a wise move if you notice any changes to your usual way of being.

The spirits that have been let go of will generally not return. However, if there is unfinished business and you are not willing to deal with this yourself, then there is possibility of re-attachments but most people are sensible. This does not preclude however other spirits attaching in the future and we do offer you advice via this website to help you stay clear.

Of course you can. Especially for people working and exposed to energies on a regular basis we can set up a scheme whereby we can check you monthly.

Of course you can. It is highly advisable, especially when you don’t know how the attachment occurred. During the scan we do ask the attachment how it got in so that preventative measures can be undertaken. It is a good idea to have a back-up scan and, also to notice any changes you go through – prevention is better than cure!

We work with quite a few health workers and regular scans are recommended for anybody working with the body or with therapy. Monthly terms are available for such clients.

No. Our work is done with love, compassion and consideration and although we are glad of the help of what we call a higher power, it is not necessary for you to have any religious or spiritual belief.

You cannot be harmed by this process. The only time that there is negative outcome is when somebody asks us to scan them and refuses to let us finish the work or not make the appropriate changes necessary to complete the process.

This has happened rarely and mostly has been associated with those unwilling to let go of the past.

Yes, the removal of spirits that attach through resonance and therefore can add to a person’s existing symptom(s), will bring relief as they can only be an additional burden. However, you will still need to carry on with medical advice and also perhaps undertake on some cognitive therapy with a suitably qualified person, especially if you have been depressed for a long period of time. Research shows that cognitive therapies do work (M.D. Burns – Feeling Good) and they are NHS (NICE) recommended. In the end, it is only you who can decide to think and therefore feel differently. Spirit release can be the catalyst that makes permanent change possible but you have to do the work too.

Probably not – we recommend two – check and check again. Most people who consult us have had issues that are long standing and therefore many layers may have formed over the initial issue. These take time and effort to uncover as they are often deeply hidden and our work needs to be done carefully and mindfully. We find, time and time again, that people who let us carry out both scans are more likely to have a permanent change than those that expect a quick fix from one scan. Sometimes, not allowing us to finish our job is part of the person’s ‘failure’ story as they rush from therapist to therapist expecting a miracle but not willing to see it through. Spirit release is not a panacea. It can take time, commitment and your input too to be successful. There are discounts for booking both scans at once.

We are not medically trained and are therefore not qualified to comment upon mental health issues. We urge anybody who thinks that they have mental health issues to seek clinical advice. What we can do is remove external influences that can and do exacerbate the distress of having problems but we cannot change a fundamental clinical condition that requires medical intervention.