Do you need Exorcising?


‘I’ve had two spirit attachments for two very different reasons… By Tina Roberts, 38’


Increasing numbers of people are seeking help releasing attached spirits. Here Tina Roberts shares her story of possession and reveals how to rid – and then protect yourself from one.

Do-you-need-ExorcisingThe Catholic Church says demand for exorcisms has rocketed in recent years and that it’s urgently recruiting new priests to keep up with the demand. In the US alone, the number of priest exorcists has quadrupled in the past 10 years.

But no everyone with a spirit attachment is visiting their local priest. Instead many people in the UK are turning to spirit release therapist to do the same thing.

But if you think that possession is something to be feared or that all spirits that attach themselves to us are bad, you might be surprised. Here, we meet a woman who has been possessed TWICE as well as the therapist who treated her.


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“…Moments later all the anger that I had boiling away inside of me disappeared. I felt relaxed and calm again, as if a black cloud had been lifted”